There is another way to train teachers

There is another way to train teachers

There is another way to train teachers


“There must be, Yes, there is another way to train teachers”, all teachers of any subject area! I was absolutely bored, even angry and disillusioned when studying my Masters in Education. The professors were disconnected from the children and from themselves. I wanted to create and offer through my teacher training, OM Shree OM, a training space that truly helps form teachers at a cellular level, one that awakens, inspires and renews, that creates, sustains and supports. A training that celebrates and honors deeply the essential role that “the teacher” plays in every thriving community or in any one child’s heart.

In order to guide children on this rightful path of Yoga, teachers themselves need to renew their commitment and LOVE themselves on every level: heart, mind and body, past, present and future. Many need to heal. They need to feel and reconnect to their power, their true talents, their inner light and beauty, which is really what every child looks for. They need to thrive personally so that they can shine beyond all boundaries placed on us from all angles in life today. And their light needs to be cultivated in training, from inside out so that they can walk as balanced beacons of light and guidance, those that our communities yearn for. The training helps direct them on this path that leads to greater wholeness and strength.

In training, I want to offer my teachers the latest technical knowledge regarding yoga and education plus hundreds of useful and practical tricks and tools of the trade, but more importantly, I want them to discover those tools inside of them and connect to their personal wisdom.

I wake my teachers in training and shake them on every level, clearing inner obstacles and creating healthy inner pathways so that they may really see and understand every child that comes their way, in and off of the mat.

I invite them to laugh, to cry, to sing, to shout, to listen deeply and carefully, sensitively in wonder and grace.

I invite them to create. May they experiment, question and doubt. May they challenge and explore their limits and their lives, true to themselves, their true nature, which is ultimately and intimately connected to a greater nature that we are all part of.

I use a whole range of hands-on methodologies and inspired by all of the pedagogies that I have been exposed to over the years in order to reach and serve each and every student who arrives to the training. And where I can’t meet a certain need, I find help.

I bring in extraordinary guest teachers who greatly contribute to this celebration of the teacher’s process, which ultimately involves the evolution of education as we know it.

It is my hope that each weekend shared should feel magical and mystical, a retreat, a renewal, a blessing, a reminder, a strengthening, a poem, an inspiring song, a natural home birth… We walk together for months, and stay together years after… We become family. Co-workers, honoring each other, collaborating with each other, sustaining one another on this journey of life, one in which we are never truly alone.

Thanks to Yoga, to each and every teacher I have ever had, thanks to my children, my husband, to the alternative pedagogies that I have learned from, thanks to my parents and brother and sisters, thanks to science, neuroscience, chance and nature, thanks to every student big and small that I have ever had the privilege of walking with, I believe OM Shree OM has achieved it’s goals.
We are changing lives. We are paving roads through rough and high mountain tops. We are creating bridges where water runs deep. We are purifying places and people attracted to our light. We are brining light where there was darkness. We cultivate seeds of hope and awareness. And we do it together, as a team, as a pack.

Once a parent and teacher said to me, “this isn’t a teacher training, it’s an awakening”. Actually, he spoke in Spanish and these were his words: “OM Shree OM no es una formación, es una trans-formación.”

May it be so.

OM Shree OM was born in the USA, and grew up mainly in Spain, just as I did. The name invokes the adage “Home Sweet Home”.

May every child, parent and teacher be true to and expand outward in all directions, from the love and beauty in their hearts, their true “Home Sweet Home”.

Home is definitely where the Heart is.

May each child and adult cultivate that place inside, mind, body and spirit and share it abundantly with all children inhabiting the planet, our greater home.

Om Shree Ommmmmm.

For information on details of the complete OM Shree OM TT for Children’s Yoga, a Yoga Alliance registered training, please refer to the individual websites of the studios where
Om Shree Om is offered.

Christine McArdle Oquendo, December 2014

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